Plex Calendar

A community calendar, with a number of weekly and other regular calls you may wish to attend. It doesn't show dates; rather, it shows days of the week.

To find the calendar in the future, bookmark this page: Plex Calendar.

To open the calendar, click the Google Drive link below (this link is subject to change, so don't bookmark it):

Plex Weekly Calendar (Apr-Oct times) - Google Drive

About Plex Calendar

There are a few timezones listed to the left, and in each cell there is a number from 0 to 23. That's the hour in 24-hour (computer, military) time; if the number is more than 12, subtract 12 and add “PM”. Thank you for your patience with this format; it helps keeping it up-to-date easier and more accurate.

To make it more readable, the calendar only has grids on the hour.  Calls that start or end at the half-hour or other times are stretched up and down to fit the hourly grid. For that reason, the times are approximate; find the call and check the actual schedule to make sure you attend at the right time. Double-check with the provided link or the call host anyway; the Plex calendar is supposed to be an at-a-glance overview, more than a detail-oriented time planner.

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