How (and why) to pay (or not) for the Biweekly Plex Dispatch.

On each issue here, you'll see "Price per issue: 1 USD, or your choice of amount (even zero!)"

First things first: yes, really, you can choose a price of zero, or in other words, free. No strings attached, no hard feelings, no guilt needed. If that's what you were wondering about, poof, you're done!

BPD content will always be available via open license to the public, to free members, and to paid members. There will be no "paid only" content.

Paid members may someday have access to additional community features, but the newspaper content itself requires no payment.

Second thing, if you want to pay, how do you pay? The easiest way is to subscribe to this site.

But Pete is happy to accept a number of other national currencies by bank transfer in-country, or a variety of cryptocurrencies, or other mutually acceptable means of value transfer.  Just send an email:

We're also happy to offer a 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked, just send an email:

Why have a price at all?

Usually, the price of something is set up to cover costs and (sometimes) make a profit.  That's a pretty reasonable setup, but that's not why the BPD has a price. (Costs are covered by CSC funding – at the moment, by Pete – and BPD doesn't need to make a profit.)

BPD has a price so we can start conversing and working with the idea that things we create in the Plex have value, and that we need ways to talk about, record, exchange, and signal with money and money-like instruments.

Use of proceeds

Use of proceeds generated by your payments for issues will be determined by Collective Sense Commons stewardship, but the guiding principle will be to use them either for hard costs for producing and publishing BPD (specific software needed, server and hosting costs, image licensing), or for re-investing in the Plex and its people.

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