Plex Places, August 2022

News and views from around the Plex.

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Special Issue: Plex Places

Biweekly Plex Dispatch usually covers what is going on in the Plex.

This issue of the BPD looks at the Plex a little differently–where is the Plex? Where do we congregate and converse? Let's take a little tour.

We won't necessarily find all the places that are part of the Plex today, but later this year, watch this space to see what's changed, and what's new. Please let us know if there are places you consider part of the Plex, that we haven't addressed here, so we can report on it next time. Thank you!

Today's Tour

  • Social Hours
  • OGM Mailing List
  • Lionsberg Wiki
  • OGM Calls
  • Meta Project Navigation Calls
  • CSC Mattermost
  • Catalist

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Social Hours

Our first stop on the tour is a distributed “place”, and currently sort of aspirational–we haven't heard too many success stories yet, the idea is still gaining traction. But we hope the idea will take off!

As you may have read in the last few BPDs, a few of us have started offering weekly “office hours” ( of different kinds. Check the Plex Weekly Calendar for office hours with Jerry, Grace, or Pete. Watch for upcoming slots with Jonathan, Wendy E., Judy, and Jordan.

Jordan has talked about “pub” or “salon” hours, rather than office hours. These might be more of an informal social get-together or roundtable–we'll see.

For more information or to have your own slot added to the OGM Wiki and the Plex Weekly Calendar, send an email to Pete.

charles blass

OGM Mailing List

If you're not already a subscriber, use this form to request subscription to the OGM Mailing List: Joining the Open Global Mind conversation.

Stats: 229 members. Last two weeks: 27 active members, 158 messages, 63 threads.

The OGM mailing list is one of the core communication channels for Open Global Mind, and is a mix of announcements about various topics of interest to OGM members, and some spirited discussion and comments.

Top ten threads from the last two weeks:

  • Next week's OGM session. A #BHAQ question to consider
  • Nadia on Idea Machines (May'2022)
  • Speaking of stacks
  • Remembering William Moyer
  • Economists not being scientists
  • Climate episode on The Realignment podcast
  • The new right isn't conservative. They don't want to be. | The Week
  • The consciousness of bees - The Washington Post
  • When Community Concerts Brought Don Shirley to Small Towns - The New York Times
  • Will This Be An Asterisk* Election? | FiveThirtyEight

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Lionsberg Wiki

Read the wiki:

To be a contributor, email Pete or Jordan.

Stats: 524 total pages. Last two weeks: 3 contributors, 39 “push” updates.

Lionsberg Wiki is still in its early days. Jordan has added many pages, covering the back story and philosophy behind his thinking about Lionsberg and the Meta Project, while Jonathan and Pete add materials from and about the community.

The wiki is presented as a regular web site at, and is fairly easy to edit, once you become a contributor and Pete helps you get set up to edit Massive Wikis.

Top ten categories currently:

  • Lionsberg System Design/The Way/Concepts and Ideas
  • Lionsberg Wiki Books
  • Lionsberg System Design/The Way/The Lionsberg System/Martial Arts Guide
  • Lionsberg Wiki Books/The Book of Lionsberg/Chapter 1 - Genesis
  • Lionsberg Wiki Books/The Book of Lionsberg/Chapter 3 - The Meta Quest
  • Lionsberg System Design/The Way/The Lionsberg System/The Meta Project/Meta Project Plans And Specifications
  • Lionsberg System Design/The Way/The Lionsberg System/Integrated Delivery Guide
  • Lionsberg Wiki Blogs/Above The Chaos by Jordan Nicholas
  • Lionsberg Community Information/Meetings
  • Lionsberg System Design/The Way/Page Backlog - To Do

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OGM Calls

Thursdays at 8am Pacific Time, 11am Eastern Time, via Zoom. Check the [ogm] Town Square channel header for the Zoom link, or email Jerry.

The Open Global Mind Thursday calls alternate between “topic” and “check-in” calls. Jerry Michalski masterfully facilitates and weaves a heartful, soulful, thoughtful conversation around the topics that emerge from the 15 or so attendees each week.

You can get an idea of the format and the topics by perusing the hundred or so topic and check-in calls, mixed into the 195 videos in the Open Global Mind YouTube playlist. Jerry also has a Jerry's Brain thought that links the call recordings and includes chats and transcripts, OGM Zoom Calls (2020+ playlist, 114 calls).

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Meta Project Navigation Calls

Wednesdays at 12:30pm Pacific Time, 3:30pm Eastern Time, via Zoom. Email Jordan for the Zoom link.

The Meta Project Navigation calls are weekly updates and working / navigation calls for people working on The Meta Project. Jordan facilitates the team through different call formats, as the team and the project grows and evolves.

Pete has published a number of the call recordings in The Meta Project YouTube playlist, but the playlist is current a couple months out of date. Pete hopes to catch the playlist back up at some point.

See Your Starting Point ( for more information on Lionsberg and The Meta Project.

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CSC Mattermost

Create a free account on the CSC Mattermost Let's Get Started page. If you need help, email

Stats: 326 members (35 daily active, 87 monthly active), 132 public channels, 23 private channels. Last two weeks: about 250 messages/day.

CSC Mattermost is a chat server. It is one of the core communication channels for communities in the Plex, including Open Global Mind, The Meta Project, and other groups and projects involved in collective sensemaking (see Collective Sense Commons).

Mattermost will work great in your browser, but for the best experience, install the dedicated Mattermost desktop and mobile apps. Use “” as the server to connect to, and “Agora” as the team (if needed).

Some of the top channels to check:

  • Town Square - mainly for announcements to all members
  • [ogm] Town Square - the central channel for OGM
  • [Lionsberg] Town Square - the central channel for Lionsberg/Meta Project
  • Off-Topic - posts about random topics
  • Tools & Technology - all sorts of tools and technologies

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Create a free account by clicking on “Beta Signup” on the Catalist home page. If you need help, email

Catalist is one of the core directories for communities in the Plex, along with many other groups, project, and events.  Use the “Explore” menu to get an idea of who, what, and where around Plex, and let the Catalist team know what you think.

charles blass

Thank you for taking the tour! Next edition will be published on 7 September 2022. Email Pete with suggested submissions.

Special Thanks to Charles Blass, who graciously offers his moving and static images that enliven BPD. You da best, Charles!

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